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Mermaid Sink. All sinks are hand thrown on a pottery wheel hence they are always a bit different in size and shape. This is a displace to show I can make one with "most" any custom design.

High fire 6.5' high by 13" wide sink.

Side view of Mermaid Sink

Hand carved two piece.

Spring Fairy. For Display to show what I can do.

1st Place NC Clay Art Show for Sculpture

Top of Spring Fairy

Flowers are Copper Dew drop is a Blue Topaz also Carved from bottom to top.

Dragon Vase (sold)

This vase has cut outs so that a tea candle can be seen through the carved slits in this 8.5 inch vase. A small glass vase is placed in the center for flowers to be placed in the vase.

Front of fairy jar.

This vase is 6.5 inches with carved slits in it to show light through when a tea candle is placed inside, also a clear glass vase can be used for flowers to be place inside.

The back side of, Fairy Jar

Fairy Jar with it's lid.

Moonlight Meeting

Hand carved, high fire, food safe

back side of "Moonlight Meeting"

Fall Fairy Jar (sold)

All pottery is high fire and food safe, microwaveable on high, oven safe: place pottery in the oven while pre-heating then when at the desired temperature place ingredients in the pottery to cook. When pottery is cold it can then be placed into a dishwasher . Remember all pottery is clay and glass and when hot can burn, so please use caution and wear oven safe mittens or any hand safety protection.

*Except for all Jars as they are decorative or any pottery with metal 

on it. 

My Soul

Pixie Fairy(sold)

Close up of top...A angel weeping for the souls of women.

Close up of the woman who's soul is bonded with the jar.

Close up of the Dragonfly on back side of Jar.

Warrior Fairy (sold)

Shawn and Turtle bowl. (sold)

Side View of Turtle bowl.

Bottom View.

Side View of Turtle bowl.

Art Deco Colander (sold)

bottom of colander

Stingray medium platter (sold)

bottom of Stringray

Whales (sold)

Visual view of the Whale patter.

Bottom of Whale platter.

Root Tea Pot

top view

bottom view of tea pot

Soup Mug/Coffee (sold)

Butterfly Koi fish wide bowl. (sold)

Food safe, High fire.

Bottom of Koi fish bowl.

Bottom close up.

Large Butterfly Koi Fish bowl. (sold)

Food Safe, High fire and can be used in Microwave, Oven to 350 degrees then pop into a dish washer.

Close up inside.

Bottom of Butterfly Koi Fish bowl.

In Flight. Platter.

High fire, food safe.

Close up.

Back side of In Flight.

The Red Dragon. (sold)

This is a shaving mug, but it is also food safe and high fire.

Handle of Red Dragon.

Side view.

Bottom of Red Dragon.

The view is of the moon and the bottom of the handle which is the claws of the dragon.

Large Dragonfly deep platter. (sold)

High fire and food safe.

Side view.

Bottom of Large dragonfly platter.

Dragonfly Bowl (sold)

High fire, food safe.

Side view.

Bottom of Dragonfly bowl.

This is a Urn that was made for a wonderful Aunt.

Close up of side view. The wings of the fairy are bronze.

Some of her ashes where mixed with this Urn, so the jar is their Aunt.

Top view of Urn.


I can do this for anyone who wishes their loved one to be a living embodiment of what they loved and enjoyed in life as Art.

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