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Meaning & Reflections:

My art is the extension of who I am, reflecting the emotional path I am wondering throughout my life. Art is how I am able to translate life's effects on me from childhood to motherhood. I feel that without art I would have no voice and no way of healing from the trials that life presents. We all find ways to work through our world of emotional highs (love, happy, blissful, harmony) to the lows (anger, sad, loss, fear) that compose the story of our lives and this is how I keep some form of sanity/reality.

I have been using my life to help create my works with my feelings. My dreams become my drawings have become my sculptures and that creates a loop of changing my drawings to paintings...refining my works. I am never really done with anything as nature invades my mind that keeps me conceptionally working on my art mentally....each piece effecting the other. We are all effected by life in different ways from creating art, music, writing, and even being a many ways we as humans are effected by our environment and how it impacts us is so wonderful and can be so frighting. 

I make art on how life impacts me through my eyes......

The Life of Robin Griswold Ott the artist:

I have graduated from East Carolina University (ECU) with an Master's in Art Education, I also received from ECU two Bachelor's degrees: Printmaking and Art Education. I started my education at CCC (Carteret Community College in NC) where I earned two Associates degrees: Fine Arts, General Studies, but this was later in my life.

I began with an art scholarship after graduating from Capital High School in Washington State where I joined the US Marine Corps as a Graphic Artist. Since high school I can say "Life Happened!" and now I reflex back wondering where the time went.

As far as family I have two sons (Jason & Chris) and three step-daughters (Shawna, Chrissy, and Rachel) who have been nice enough to bless me with Grand-children!

Yes, I think I am going to faint, but they are a blast and rock my world :

Kaylee (Jason & Kyndal's daughter) and their new son Cyrus.  

Then Caselyn (Chris & Shanda's daughter) with his youngest daughter McKinley. Now Chris has married a lovely lady named Christina who has two children Reagan & Noah..... take a breath they are going to have a Daughter 2018 Aug., so now Chris will have five kids altogether!

Leonna (Shawna's daughter) my mermaid with her loving sister's Morgan and Taylor (husband Wayne's girls)! Last but not least is Issiah and Josiah (Chrissy & Tom's boys) and (Rachel and Mario's little ones) Elijah and Ember they are the coolest little people making me feel so young (worth it)!!!!

My biggest supporter and partner is James H Ott who has been married to me for 18 years! We live in North Carolina just outside of Beaufort (Bettie, to small to see) where we are still building our dream home (a bit of help from a few friends) and I am driving James a bit crazy as is my job.

Published by ECU (East Carolina University) of the Artist works in the juried show "Rebel" 2004.

Artist works of Robin's are located at:

Core Sound

Water Museum & Heritage Center

1785 Island Road

Harkers Island, NC



Second place for Sulpture.


Third place for Ceramics.

Dragon Jar.

The Rebel published 2006.

Honorable Mention for Textiles.

Handmade Coin Book.

Third place for Printmaking.

Mono block print, on handmade paper, also won first place at Art From the Heart in Morehead City.

The Rebel, 2008.


Pencil and Charcoal Drawing.

The Statement about "Barren".

My painting done as a student at CCC (Carteret Community College).

Volunteered as a art teacher for Atlantic School.

Tent set up with my husband James in the back ground!!

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