Life around us, as seen through thee artist's eyes. - Company Message

Giclee Prices for Art:
Paper is Somerset Velvet- 310 gsm, Certified Archival

Cost of shipping is based on where you live, insurance, and how you want your print ship....which company UPS, FedEx, or US mail services. 

6"x8"  $10.00
8"x10"  $14.00
11"x14"  $28.00
14"x18"  $38.00
16"x20"  $48.00
18"x24"  $65.00

These are the base cost for all of my art for a Giclee print of them. I can do other sizes and papers (like a Matte print or a Chrome Metallic Pearl print of my works)! I hope you all enjoy this new section of my works and I will give a 10% discount on orders of 4 or more prints. 

Thank you Robin

Just go to my contact page and email or call me for any addictional information on ordering prints of my works. 

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